Tower Of Doom

Look around to see everyone fighting against on another
But this is not a war I tell you
The people that you see fighting are the people who want power
Whether they kill others emotions it doesn’t faze them.
For all the want is the fame and the fortune
This first starts in there childhood
They are blinded by all the things there are
Wanting it all and never considering the price
The price that can mean life or death
They are twisted and deceitful
Blinded by the material things and never looking at the spiritual
As they grow they climb on one another to get what they want
Turning on their own friends and breaking them
Picture this:All the things in the world are a tower
People of all ages climbing to the top trying to get what is at the top
But what they don’t realize is that what is  on the top is only a illusion
Only a figment of their imagination
It stays there and takes the poor foolish souls with it
Making them deny all the is good
The ones that start to climb have a chance to escape
But here is a warning– When you are to close to the top it takes a lot to get you back down
You are least likely to listen to anyone who does not see you logic or agree with you decisions.
As the people climb they kill others emotions as I said before
Not only are people affected emotionally but physically, mentally, and spiritually.
When they fall of the tower of doom and fall to the ground they get their consciousness back
Whether they choose to follow the voice that calls them are climb again is their decision
You can either be the person who climbs the tower and fall again and again
Or be part of the part of the people who try to save others from their own minds
Save them before they are lost
And teach them of the God who can save us all.

Today a lot of people will backstab each other just to get what they want. As I mentioned it usually starts in childhood (also goes into teen years). Kids are pressured to fit in and to be like everyone else; so climb the tower to get to the top and get what they want.
People also want power. To be able to control others and use them.
This is pretty much what this poem says any other questions just send me a note/email.

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