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Forbidden Love

Of two young lovers....

One young boy
And one older girl...
One broken heart
And one sorrowful one...
He wants her in his life
So much
And he tells her that
Every single day
He is very shy though
But he usually finds the courage
To tell her in person
That all he wants
Is to have her in his life
She loves him a lot too
And she always tells him
Thats she wishes they could be more
But sadly they can not
If they did get together
She could get in much trouble
He understands and wants to keep her safe
But the more he think about how they can’t be
The greater his desire to be with with becomes
Their love is very strong
And even if it’s forbidden  
They bond will forever be strong
Yes, I don’t believe in happy ever afters
But I do believe love is very strong
And can create bonds
That can never broken...

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