I’m Sorry Big Sister


Oh my big sister...
To see you in pain kills me.
All I can do is tell you how much I love you.
Give you advice and comfort through a phone.
Though it isn’t the same as face to face.
I will always be here for you.
Vent to me all you wish,
But I cannot always be helpful.
There will be times where my words will fail.
They will bring you no physical love or comfort.
I am sorry.
The only thing I can provide is stability.
With each word I type, my love follows.
With every letter, my prayer stalks.
If I could show you the power behind it all,
I would.
If I could give you all that you wanted,
I would.
I am sorry that I can't be more useful, big sister.
I hope you know that if I could...
I’d take everything away.
I am sorry I am so clingy.
I just can’t find a happy medium.
The fear of losing you causes me to cling on.
I am sorry, big sister.


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