Sex-Crazed Boy


Lets take it nice and slow.
Lets give us a go.
I won’t force you, baby.
I want you to enjoy this too.
Kiss me like your first.
Fuck me like your last.
Tell me really baby would you take it up the-?
—Slow it down—
Just to savor it.
Just to do it again.
Without you I’m crazy.
Sex-crazed boy for his lady.
Give it to me good,
Give it to me fast.
Baby, how long do you think you’ll last?
Because I could do it all night.
Love, just ask.
Wet dreams.
Opened mouth.
Neck bites.
Pull it out.
Kiss like we’re hungry.
Fuck like animals.
Touch me like no one else.
Take my everything.
For I’m your sex-crazed boy.

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