If They Knew

Every day after school
After she leaves a place of hell
She heads on to her humble domain
Where she stays alone for hours on end
Until her guardians come home
She goes into the kitchen
And gets her favorite item
The one that has been with her
From the beginning of her trails
The Mighty Blade
She heads to her room
And takes off her shirt
And looks at hers scars
But right now she doesn’t care
The Mighty Blade talks to her
Helps her get rid of her emotions
He cuts them
Over and over again
Pain is all over her
But she doesn’t mind
She feels better now that she has dealt with her emotions
She wipes off her pain
And makes sure there is no evidence
Around her room
The next day
She puts her disguise
To make sure no one finds out
Everyone looks at her
Wondering why she acts so weird
Why she hides away in the back
They judge her just by the way she looks
And how she acts
But they nothing about her
If they really knew
All the things you go through
When your parents come home
And they start to hurt you
Maybe their minds would change
And they’d stop judging you
If they really knew
What you do in your room
To get rid of your pain
Day after day
Every time she talks to the Mighty Blade
Tears stream down her face
But no matter how hard she tries
She can’t stop being with him
If they really knew
What she did in her room
Maybe their minds would change
And maybe...
Things could change too...

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