Demon From Above

“Fallen angel?
I think not!
I am a man in a demons body.
Don’t judge me!
Or your soul is done for!”
Sometimes the inner demon comes loose...
Loose from it’s titanium chains.
Oh but don’t worry about it, love.
I would never hurt you.
You’re too precious.
Aw now you don’t trust me?
Pretty please do so!
I will take you some place nice!
(You like that don’t you?)
I am here to protect you.
I fell from heaven just to see you!
Who me?
I am simply a man in a demons body.
Now give me some sugar, love.
Tell me who you are.
Fall in love with me.
Let me take you.
Mmm... So tasty.
Never trust those that are too good to be true.

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