Consist Want To Rule

Children can be blind to the World
Blind to the greed of knowledge
And to the want of power
They play and have fun all day
Not worrying about anything
And not surrounding themselves with society
But then they grow up
They start to become young teens
Worrying about what others think
Getting caught up in society
Wanting what others want
The longer they stay
The more corrupt they become
They start to crave more
Knowledge, wisdom, and power
In adulthood they look back
To everything they’ve gone through
All of the mistakes they’ve made...
All the wisdom they’ve gain
They read all the books
Memorize all the rules
They “know” everything
All the knowledge in the world
All the wisdom and knowledge that man has
They think they have it all
And they think they are untouchable
Then they realize they’re missing one thing
The one thing they need to rule the world
The poor souls fight their way to the top
Blinded by the greed in their hearts and minds
And deaf to the voice that calls out to them
They hurt everyone in their path
Even if they are family
Climbing and clawing their way up
Going so high that they become lost.
When they realize what they’ve done
They fall down and hit the ground
So hard that they shatter and break
Becoming mad with power
Will only kill you in the end
Listen to the voice that calls you
For that is the Holy Ghost
Calling you home

I will add the song for this later.

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