My Vanishing Act

December 19. Year unknown.

Tonight’s magic show will be my last.
I have been working on my magic for two long years.
I am done.
No one knows this is my last act.
Heck, I didn’t even know until ten minutes ago.
I have decided to quit due to the absence of my heart.
I no longer can keep up with the demand.
I have run out of tricks.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Boys and girls!
Welcome to the ending of my show!
*Claps, cheers, whistles.*
I hope that you have enjoyed my shows to this point in time.
You know it was hard thinking of new acts.
Even evolving the ones I already have took some time.
But tonight I bring you an act
No one has seen.
Please bring out....
The Vanishing Cape!
*More claps, cheers, howls.*
With this cape anything is possible!
If you want a elephant to appear.
A pizza pie?
But I will be using this for its TRUE purpose.
*Covers self in cloak*
I am sorry I can no longer keep up!
This show is my last!

This poem is relatively simple, but there are somethings I would still like to say.

For this poem it relates to my life and my "magic show" is really how I've always needed to hide who I am. In doing so I play tricks (make people laugh, think I'm ok, and overall have fun with me). The date up above is my "death" date hence the line "Tonight's magic show will be my last".

The method of my suicide is also unknown. (The line "absence of my heart" does not mean I cut it out it was a death term I decided to use). The Vanishing Cape is not me suffocating myself for that is very hard to do and takes to long. It is more of Death coming to get me. If you have read the Harry Potter books or even see the movies you may know that Harry received the Cloak of Invisibility. That is what the Vanishing Cape is except instead of me hiding from death it welcomes me with open arms.

I did not plan on the Vanishing Cape to associate with the Cloak of Invisibility it just so happened to take that path. Poetry does that a lot :)

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