My Band

Can you hear my sweet melody?
I play the violin
Oh how I love my instrument
I’ve only played for a little while
But I’m really good at it
I met some other people
They play instruments too
A boy who plays the drums
And a girl who plays guitar
We met up one day
Played some music
For hours on end
Taking only short breaks
A while later we found a singer
Who was willing to join
We became a band
A band of outcast
No one knows what we’re doing
Not like they ever cared
They never paid attention to us before
And even when we play
They still don’t
So because no one is going to stop us
We’re going to continue what we are dong
No ones going to stop us
Because they are too blind to see
And too deaf to hear
Before I go I tell you this
If you have found the answer to my poem
I want you to pay attention to the bands you hear about
Because they may be like mine
Or not
But you can never be too  careful

Real quick- the other people are not real. They do not have any real world connections. I am the only thing that is true in this poem

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