Let Me Vent

When I walk around
I carry an axe on my back
Wear black clothes
And don’t give a damn
About anyone or thing
Now, I’m not saying I’m a badass
So don’t think that I am
But when I’m angry
Watch out because the beast will come out
I swing my axe at everyone
Wanting them to all go away
To let me be alone
If I hurt you sorry
But right now I’m so pissed off
Anything affects me
The more I think about what’s wrong
The angrier I get
And the more I want to scream out
For the pain I feel inside is killing me
The farther I go down this path
The more I think of the things and people
That cut my heart so deep inside
That I almost slit my wrist
Just so I wouldn’t feel any more pain
No more tears
But it’s not like I cried any way
No more pain
I never showed it any way
No more anything
But everything pained me any way
So what the hell is the damn difference?
I never was able to let my emotions go
Or even talk to anyone about it
So will I ever get a time to let loose?
To be who I want to be?
I’ve hide it from everyone not wanting to hurt anyone
Not wanting anyone to know the pain I go through
Being by myself is the only way I don’t hurt others
Yet the more I try to stay away
The more I hurt the ones I love
Why don’t they understand me?
Why can’t they see that I am a monster?
Oh, dammit I hurt another
What should I do?
Pretend that nothing is wrong?
Sure I don’t mind
I’ve done it since I was seven
So I guess I can last till I die
Hell ya, I can do this
Let’s just hope I don’t go mad in the process.

So this really was to vent a little bit because I can't at home or school. So I hope you like it even though it has no like story or anything.

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