A four letter word with so much power
Something that taste so sour
Claps my heart in chains
Tugging them like reins
Controlling my every move
Giving me one thing to choose
I bawl my eyes out
Hear my shout
Help me save me
Can you not see?
It claws at my flesh
Causes me to bleed
A blade I crave
But firm I stand
Yet it still grips my shaking hand
Screaming at me
Laughing at the scene
Gasping for every breathe
Heaving my chest
Head pounding at the thoughts
That my acid tears brought
Come please
I need you with me
Do not wait
For it will be too late
Fear has already won. 

A little something I just did (at 12:58 A.M.) had a little panic attack and I needed to let it out.

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