My Unsent Letter


As time continues to go on I question who we are. You are my oldest friend and even though I have faith in our friendship, that does not stop doubt from entering my mind. Distance has caught up to us and I believe it may be time to end the precious bond we have. I feel as though this pains me more than this will pain you but I do believe it is for the best. You are starting a new chapter in life and it seems as though there will be no room for me. I do care even if I deny it but I know sometimes you must make sacrifices, and if losing you for a while means less pain for myself, I will take it. You may see me as being illogical, even heartless, but I cannot say that bothers me. Yell at me if you wish but my decision is final. I do not wish to continue this constant cycle of pain. You are here, you leave, we pick things back up, and again we are separated. Your life and my life have collided but do not line up. We are siblings but we are not as close as we once were.

This is something I just made up now. I do not plan on showing the person this is for this poem, nor did I plan to. I just needed to get this off my chest. On the small chance she somehow finds this and reads it-

I am sorry my sister, but you brother has been through enough pain.

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