Show me your darkest wish,
And I’ll show you mine.
Give me your heart,
And I’ll lock it up safe.
Tell me your greatest dreams,
And I will let you in a whole new world.
They call me a crazy sleep-walker.
Because I always have my head up in the clouds,
Looking at all that could be.
“Sleep-walker crazed!
Sleep-walker mad!
Don’t mess with him...
His sleep-walker ways will change your days.
Don’t be seen with a man like him!
He’ll take you from deep within...”
Why yes my dear,
I am crazy.
But aren’t the best people?
Pardon my imagination...
But I can’t help but notice your soul.
It seems tasty tonight.
Mind if I have a bite?
Oh no don’t cry.
Just close your eyes and....

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