What Is Love?

I don’t know what to do
When I start to feel
Love toward someone
Should I ignore it or embrace it?
Should I show it or hide it?
These are the questions I ask myself
For I am truly confused
What I want to know is
What is love?
Is it something that goes away?
Or does it always stay?
I don’t know how to treat it
Like a lion or a lamb?
Is it soft and fluffy?
Or will it eat me alive?
I guess it can be both
But then I don’t want it
For I don’t like to play with chance
Especially when the odds may not be in my favor
I rather just be safe
And stay away from it
But no matter where I go
It seems to follow me
What is love?
Is it a kind person?
Or a murderer in disguise?
For some people it may be kind
And for others a killer
But I guess I will never know
Since I’m to afraid to try it
What is love?
And will it every leave?
Can it just go away?
I’ve had my heart broken enough
And I’m tired of the pain

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