Locked Up Tight

It’s name is H
H was once afraid of the outside world
Because of the things it knew it held
Pain, destruction, and death
Terrible things
To much for it to handle
So H stayed in it’s castle
Locked away
Where no one could find it
Guarded by all sorts of terrible creatures
With more obstacles and traps then one could endure
But one day someone found H
Touched it
Changed it
Loved it
Then disappeared
H mourned for it’s lost
And locked it’s doors once more
Some people found it
Change H
Made it weak
H held on though
For it had a reason
A reason to stand tall during the battle
To see the light of another day
Now H is in pain
Scared to find someone again
And wants to leave it all behind
But every time H convinces itself
To do it
To leave and never return
She comes to mind
The reason
H is my heart
My heart, like all, has been broken
Has given up on life...
But she has found a reason to live
A reason to keep fighting
And her name is Angie
While others pushed Heart around
Played with her emotions
Until she became so afraid to trust
Angie was, and still is, there.
She picked Heart up
Dusted her off
And told her “Don’t give up. You can make it. Four more years.”
Through each passing day
Heart remembers her words of wisdom
And strength
(Also some craziness~)
Looks forward and says
“If she has the strength to push me then I’m going to make her proud.”

~This poem gets to the point quickly and that is because I didn't want to make a long sad poem. Once again everything in this poem is true. My heart has been broken many times either by family, friends, or myself.
~ A year ago I met Angie and since then I've tried to change. She has been with me through some hard times and if it wasn't for her being there for me I don't think I would have the strength to take on the day. Thanks sis <3
~I also have to thank Kasey. She has also been there for me at times of need. When I could talk to Angie or needed a second hand she was there for me
~Thank you Angie for being the short, I mean vertically challenged, older sister and Kasey for being the anime obsessed younger sister. I love you both so much!

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