Path Of Darkness (Part 2)

As the boy started to run
A howl went throughout the night
He looked around looking for someone
But when he saw nothing
He went back to running
Then everything went black....
When he awoke it was morning
The sun shined on his face as he moaned
He slowly got up to see where he was
And got to his feet when he saw people standing around him
He started to go into his stance
But then he realized that he no longer had his teeth or claws
He tried to think of last night but something stopped him
A sharp pain came upon him
And a ringing went throughout his head
He leaned on the floor
And tried to get the ringing out by banging his head
When he couldn’t take the pain any longer he let out a horrible howl
It went throughout the home
And the people started to fade
When the boy looked up
Everything he had was gone
Was this the life he had before?
Was that the place where he was...
Before he lost his way?
The boy did not know but he decided to find out
Before he fought the man cloaked in black
He would find out his past...
Get stronger...
And learn to control the beast inside him
As he sets out on his adventure
He often stops to think
About what would happen if he let the beast take over
If he just gave in to his emotions...
But that my friends is for another day

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