Looking around you you see all these people
They all look the same to you
The way they walk, talk, and act.
No one seems to stand out from the crowd.
No one understand why this is happening
For when we were younger our parents always say
For us to be our own person
And for us to follow our own way
These rules where put in us only to be taken away
For society has a different path for us to follow
One that goes back on what we were taught
One that tells us different
Some get sucked into this trap
They become like everyone else
Never looking back at what they have chosen
Only focusing on what people think of them
Others are not easily caught by this
They go throughout their lives living the way they want to live.
Not being afraid to be an outcast or different
They are surrounded by temptations telling them to turn
But they are strong enough to ignore them and keep on going
People these days are worried about what others think and never follow their hearts
They are blind sided by things that they should not worry about
They go through difficult times yes, but if they are strong enough they can make it through
Not worrying about what other think all the time and focus what’s important
The finish line

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