My Broken Heartsong

My heart use to sing a song
A merry little tune
No matter how I was feeling
No matter where I was
It just kept singing
I never understood why
And never asked either
One day it became clear though
My heart sang in order to find it’s other half
For my song, like all, is not a solo
But a duet
At the time I didn’t think I’d ever find the other person
The one to sing along
But again the game got me
My heartsong complete
Together our sounds danced
Up and down
Left to right
It was a beautiful sight
Colors and smells
Together like a work of art
Each day our song continued
And grew
Until it was so strong that it became  unbreakable
Immortal within time
It stayed like this for a very long while
One day though...
It cracked
I missed a key and the song ended...
I cried for many days
And I still do
My heartsong became broken
Because I’m missing the other piece
I know one day I’ll find it
But for now my heart sings alone
It’s a sad tune yes...
But it has much love behind it
I dream and hope that one day
My heartsong will be whole <3

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