Sun and Moon


Sun you make my days happy.
You bring a smile to my face every single day.
Without you I wouldn’t have discovered a new world.
You lit up the dark path I had put myself on.
Moon, I watched you from a distance for years.
I admired your beauty for it was different than others.
Your uniqueness is what drew me in.
Gravity had its pull on me...
Sun and Moon...
I don’t love you.
You hurt me in different ways.
One in the morning and one at night.
You take turns using my heart as a punching bag.
Punching and pulling and breaking.
Sun you burn my soul.
Moon you freeze my soul.
On and off. .
Off and on.
Sun and Moon...
I keep my mouth sewn just so I don’t kill you.
For neither of you can understand just how much I want to stab myself in my heart.
If I could tell you, I would.
However, I made a deal with myself to salvage anything I could.
Sun and Moon forgive me for you know not what you do.
All you know is that I hate myself for everything that has happened.
All you know is that I hate myself for everything that I have said.
I hate myself.

This is about people in my life that have hurt me. I don't want to give too much detail because I don't really want anyone to know about this one. I want to keep it a mystery.

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