The End Is Near

Look up in the sky
Does it not seem...
Or do you choose not to see
What is right in front of you?
Listen to the music
Can’t you see?
Their all saying the same thing
Or are you stubborn to listen?
Ugh, why do I waste my breath
On such stubborn souls?
You never listen to what I say
So why do I waste my time?
I want to warn you all
The end is coming
The signs are right in front of your face
How can you not see them?
Songs talk about how you should treat tonight
Like it is your last
There are so many deaths
Taking place to young and older
If this is not a sign to you
If this will not wake you up
From your slumber on denial
Than what must you see
For it to finally hit you
The end is near
So do not live
Like tonight is your last night to have fun
For if you turn now
You will have fun for eternity
For todays’ mistakes
Becomes tomorrows suffering

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