The Mighty Blade

It’s seven inches long
The blade is made of steel
And no matter what is put on it
It will never stain
The handle is covered in the finest leather
And it can never rip or tear
It’s smooth to the touch
With the greatest grip ever
The strangest thing
Is that the blade chooses his master
And when he does
It’s hard to let him go...
He may not be with you always
But when he is
He will leave his mark
And it will never go away
He’ll never leave your mind
And he’ll make you want to be with him all the time
But even if you fight the urges
And only see him once and a while
His company will become addicting
And he is not the greatest of influences
He will hurt you
But will be your only friend
The things you two do together
Will be unforgettable
Even when you’re older
The Mighty Blade...
One of the deadliest things in the world
He slices at you over and over again
Until the cuts become deeper and deeper
And your scars last longer and longer
Some will even last forever...
The Mighty Blade should not be taken lightly
For his power is stronger then you may think
How is it that something so small has so much power?
I don’t know but I do know this...
Dont underestimate The Mighty Blade
For his power is stronger than you can ever imagine...

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