Constant Battle

I love drawing
Letting myself go
It lets me be free
But he holds me back
Always telling me what to do
I can only get away with something
Others I try to slip by
He always catches me though
But I don’t give up
One day I’ll out smart him ;)
I am very up-tight sometimes
But that is only because I need to stay alive
I try to keep everything in order
Stay focused
Keep my eye on the ball
She never listen though!
She always is trying to run around
And act like a child!
It annoys me to no extent
Maybe one day she’ll finally listen
Always trying to out smart me...
I have to be a step ahead!
She won’t get the best of me
That’s for sure ^_^
Together these two live
Within the same place
Fighting day in and day out
Each one trying to be on top
As much as they fight
They need each other
Sometimes they get a long
Just to bring piece
When they do get a long
They try to leave together
For they can’t
They are one

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