I lay in silent placement. I dream of passionate thros.
I yearn to hold her in my arms, of this I’m quite sure
she knows. Her lips are wine soaked and honey laced.
Her breasts are like a safe warm place where eagles
and a weary drifter dare to tread.Her words could
lead men to war, and deliver the babtist’s head.
I know I Dare not wander  about, nor do I dare
keep her waiting to long.To choose the perfect
words to describe her, or the lyrics for her song.
She seems to be a dream, an objection I can’t
overrule. So the time we share, I must not overbear,
she is but a moment an event I hope never ends.... hold
steady and Just play it cool.

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Antonio Rodriguez
about 5 years

Coma is right.Where's that broad now?Hmm....peeling chilies.read some yeates dude.


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