Tammy girl...

I never knew the meaning of a hallmark
sense of this.A chemical sensory overload....
oxytocin triggered bliss.
I walked through life without a thought of...
my chosen one to love.Yet destiny or fate had
chosen me....with a little help from God above.
At times it seems to much to bare....this ember
that burns my soul.Deep inside I cherish each
moment anew, the fire in a story untold.
I long to hold you close to me....gather you
complete with my arms.You are my one true
counterpart, you give me purpose effortlessly....
I’m here to keep you free from harm.
So as I write these words my love, please know
this to be true....as long as this vessel utters
breath....it is incomplete without you.

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Antonio Rodriguez
about 5 years

O crimes...sounds like some lovesick malarkey!


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