The birth of yet another soul hemmed into
the tapestry of fate.Dereliction, benediction,
the wolves howling at the gate.
The time to seize the moment, is fractile, and
wafer thin. The love you seek is tactile, nothing
more than flesh has brought you in.
So once again we dance the dance, marionette s,
aren’t we all?Shattered lines in an epitaph, Indian
summer slowly turned to fall.
At times we forget our past, and repeat the same
mistakes.Yet have we not found common
ground by forging on in haste?
So take the time in foolish love and stare deep
within those lieing eyes.For these are the moments
that seem to bring wisdom to the wise.

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Antonio Rodriguez
about 5 years

Sheesh...deep sentiment,for a cooze that played yo ass!

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Antonio Rodriguez

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