There she goes again, a carefree visage carried
away on the breeze. Unaware of her power to
entice a mans innermost desire.Casting her essence
as a tree in season casts off its leaves.
Her voice echoes in young men’s minds, her beauty
blinds their eyes.Her shadow alone becomes the
capstone....of a monument built for reprise.
Delicate, yet fierce she holds life on string. Many
a soldier doth she command. Like the Queen on
a chess board, young men find themselves in check....
just as she planned.
Truly her ways are mysterious, her patterns weave
in and out of the norm. Paramour, or life partner
betrothed.... be weary of her womanly scorn.
Enjoy what she has to offer, hold loosely to gifts
given in jest.Gaurd yourself foolish man, and remember
her name, for through Wiles she’ll cause you to forget.

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Antonio Rodriguez
over 4 years

@$!# man are you back on them tweeds?Rehab [email protected];[email protected]$

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Thank you, Karla, for liking my poetry. I like this particular poem of yours very much. The power of a woman's way sure got to me alright in my days She cast me under her spell.


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