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From a Young Lady to Another

The news of his passing rushed into my home like a wildfire on Monday morning.
I never knew him personally, but the way he was spoken of made me miss him,
I felt like I had known him for years and he was a part of my family,
I cried because Jamaica had lost yet another wonderful soul.
Ian Boyne, Rest in Peace me General,
Barry G, God have yuh back him nuh ready fi yuh yet Genna,
Your time on earth is not yet done, gwaan give God thanks and have some fun.
It makes me so sad when young ladies display how ignorant they can be,
Where is your commiseration? Oh, I forgot you do not know what the word means!
One has died and instead of giving your condolences, you bestow death on the life of another,
I beseech thee, young lady, to do some introspection, choose your words wisely.
A swear you sound ignorant, yuh upset mi, but mi nah go disrespect yuh too much,
Your words disturbed everything within me; I felt like humanity had finally ended.
We see death as a joke, we see life as a joke, we see hurting others as the norm,
We have become so cold; we forget when to make fun of a situation,
I have so much to say yet so little,
You will live to regret those words until the day you die.
From one young lady to another, I am disappointed.
Time: 1:08 am
Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Author: Kimiko Lasandra Watson
© Copyrights Reserved 2017

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