I thought I was okay, that I was over it
Was over the pain and over what you did.
Maybe I am just overtired or overthinking but everything is hitting me hard.
I can’t sleep at night, not easily.
So I am sitting here crying wondering if I did something wrong?
Why you slept with her?
Was I not good enough?
Was I too much to handle?
Did I not love you enough?
How can someone hurt so much?
I am left wondering if I could have done anything different?
I don’t know why to do anymore
I feel so broken when I never thought I was
Friends tell me how proud of me they are, of how I am handling this
But I don’t was to lie anymore.
I feel haunted by memories, haunted by the places we went.
I feel haunted knowing I am the one who is walking around pained.
Feeling broken, empty, used and like I was never good enough for you.
I m just crying, opening up about
The person
Who I poured my heart into and I am just trying to pick myself up.
Piece my tiny piece.
I am just so afraid of what to do and what is to come
I know it wasn't me who did this, who cheated,
I feel as though in some way I messed some part of us up.

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almost 5 years

sometimes having a guilty mind is all you need to realise how interesting life can be

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I don't like to sound cold to you, but it could have been your punishment for cheating on him.. Loving someone includes trusting them also. It is nice to open your heart to someone and have them do the same to you. If you sincerely apologize to him, maybe he will forgive you. Or is it too late now?

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