A Door

To Marcy Howard

The door was opened long ago;and this door will never close,
Even though it seems at times;that its one we never chose,
We hear at times people say;life takes you where it wants,
As long as you can hold on tight;through those dreams that haunt,
You may think the door is locked;but its you that is the key,
And I’ve thought up a million ways; to say its only you for me,
A maze of doors leads to you;but I’ll try every damn one,
I got to see the parts of you;that gave me back;my lost sun,
The door was closed twice before;but our hearts still found a way,
To touch the things we know we found;but lacked the words to say,
We run away to a place;where our hearts can see no light,
And though the doors keep out the cold;they can’t keep out the night,
In our dreams we meet in the dark;so we can hold each other near,
And all the words and memories;are the opinions we don’t hear,
When I lay down to go to sleep, I cover up in bed,
Waiting for the dreams to come,
From the soul and heart and head,
It is only you, that is my key;each day I need you more,
And I can see in your eyes;the woman behind the door.
        Only you!!!!



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