Add Love to Life


Through our lives we tell ourselves,
It’s all just a song and dance,
An endless play with different scenes,
From death to true romance,
We peer out through our fish bowl,
Thinking we know what’s true,
Just hiding the fact from ourselves,
That we never had a clue.
And yes I’m just as guilty,
As the person next in line,
Lying to our mirrors,
That alone we’re doing fine,
We skirt around the issues,
Afraid of any blame,
Yet blame belongs to all of us,
Regardless of your last time.
We might dream of fame and fortune,
Or any other number of things,
Overlooking our own contentment,
And all the things love brings,
There’s a power in persuasion,
But can we persuade ourselves to feel,
Especially if all that surrounds us,
Seems far less than real.
Experience teaches us many things,
Yet to some things no rule applies,
Hearts and minds can do wondrous things,
If it’s love we never deny,
So do we ask ourselves the question,
If life’s all just a song and dance,
Why would we even think about love,
Why give it a second glance.
Some might say if it can’t be seen,
Is it some sort of emotional trick,
But people believe in heaven and he’ll,
And like a dog protect that stick,
It’s not an issue that can be forced,
Though in love I surely believe,
Though I’ve deluded myself about many things,
Love is a goal to achieve.
One might desire to be the president,
Though without him we’d still get along,
In my life there’s far more significance,
To the simple notes of a song,
Some might seem to want it all,
And I’d say they’ll never have a clue,
Because I found love in your arms,
And I’m  glad to find love with you!

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