A Purpose

To Marcy Howard

It seems now, my purpose in life,
Is to hold, a way to you,
As you hold me, at arms length,
But the pretending, I see through,
I don’t want some beauty queen,
Yet I also, don’t want some bitch,
And those things that we found,
Show its more than just some itch.
My purpose now, is to hold again,
This woman, of my dreams,
And as I lie awake at night,
You are all I need,
My purpose is to make you see,
And also make you feel,
That the dreams, for which we reached,
Are so much more than real.
My purpose is to make you know,
That I’m always by your side,
Even as you push away,
A feeling you can’t hide,
Marcy you can say, what you will,
But my purpose keeps me strong,
For as we struggle with this pain,
The love just comes along.
My purpose is to hear your voice,
And whisper in your ear
That no matter, what comes long,
I love you and I care,
My purpose is to hold this love,
For at the same time I hold you,
While I attain my purpose,
To fill this need for you.
    I See, I need you.



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