A Smile of My Own


At times I look at my mirror,
And hope the pain doesn’t show,
Happiness at times feels borrowed,
While the fears seem to grow,
For awhile there was a point in time,
When tears accompanied me to sleep,
A time when happiness I had to chase,
But through the years it was hard to keep.
Sometimes laughter was real elation,
But there were times it was contrived,
Times when all I could do was wait,
And hope it finally arrived,
There have been moments I couldn’t sink lower,
Couldn’t see the road ahead,
Moments I held onto life,
With moments I wished I were dead.
I thought I had all the answers,
But there’s no doubt that thought was wrong,
Because in the whole scheme of things,
The questions never came along,
We can tell ourselves things are easy,
Yet experience illuminates the lie,
There are things we all hold inside,
But love lives in the eye.
Actions might rob you of freedom,
But there are many types of chains,
Tears might water broken dreams,
While they seem unending rains,
The trick is to look in the mirror,
For your acts accept the blame,
Be happy with all the things you found,
Find comfort in her name.
It has surely taken a lifetime,
To accept all that’s been found,
But it’s taken even longer.
To put the lyrics with the sound,
For many years the smile wasn’t real,
And it took years to see it was,
Now it’s not something I look for,
It’s there just because.
Love made me feel again,
For a time I know I was lost,
But just because it was given to me,
Should the future be the cost,
Of everything that we find in life,
What I found with you has grown,
And thinking of your smiling face,
This smile is finally my own.

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