A Scream of Silence

to Marcy Howard

Do you hear the voices:that call out in the night,
Whispering of whats to come;seeing without sight,
Is the darkness calling out;or is it a voice within,
An echo of past events:a memory that’s never been.
The sound of silence spreads out far;but in the silence a monster screams,
Or is it just a sound inside;this land of silenced dreams,
And as you hold your pillow tight;which is all encased in red,
And are the voices from the heart;or are they from your head.
Silence has its own pure voice;as the darkness calls out loud,
Allowing the monster to live and breathe;though in light he’s disavowed,
And though we each are born to die;the darkness holds our fears,
As the monster’s alive and well;living in our tears.
As the voices sometimes whisper;calling out your name,
The monster screams from the past;from those memories we can’t tame,
Don’t let silence or the monsters;deter you from your dreams,
Because in the light of the day:you still hear the monster’s silent  screams.
    only  you



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