to Marcy Howard

I’ve waited for just a whisper, yet that whisper hasn’t come,
I’ve waited with this hope alive, as tomorrow has not begun,
I’ve waited with the living, even waited with the dead,
I’ve waited in the pouring rain, soaked from toe to head,
I’ve waited in the blinding snow, I’ve waited in the cold,
I’ve waited with the memories, that are the only thing I hold.
I’ve waited for this heart to heal, I’ve waited to lose the pain,
I’ve waited for my angel’s voice, so life I can regain,
I’ve waited to see your smiling face, I’ve waited for your touch,
I’ve waited to hold you in my arms, a thing I want so much,
I’ve waited for my missing piece, I’ve waited to be whole,
I’ve waited in the countryside, in the dreams somebody stole.
I’ve waited for the blood to stop, knowing that it won’t,
I’ve waited to see you standing there, hating that you don’t,
I’ve waited for the light to come, I’ve waited for your call,
I’ve waited to stand straight up, but without you I only fall,
I’ve waited in the silent dark, with the dreams I only hear,
I’ve waited for a walk with you, I’ve waited for the pears.
I have waited all night long, I wait through every day,
I wait though all the ridicule and the whispers in the way,
I’ve waited in the mornings, my coffee to taste your lips,
I’ve waited here all alone, as lonliness strengthens its grip,
I will wait til my last breath, I 've pushed everthing else away,
And I will wait tomorrow, just like I did today.
         Love still lives!!!!



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