As You Are

To Marcy Howard

On a day not long ago;a woman came to me,
And though it was just like a dream;for a short time I was free,
Chained by circumstances;altered by the past,
We held each other close at night;knowing it will last.
As we seem to struggle;with the skeletons that we hide,
Hearts controlled our path;and love forever abides,
It lives in all those moments;that each day remind me of you,
Yet all the while in this dream;what do we go through.
And as we gave ourselves to each;we worried of the cost,
And with the constant worrying;pain is now the cost,
All I need is you to love me;no matter right or wrong,
To hold me in our darkness;to whisper our loves song.
Time did not change it;we tried that path before,
Now love is hidden; behind a dark plain door,
Though I do not hold you; or I seem to be alone,
I LOVE YOU as you are; I Love the woman I was shown.



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