Only the Heart’s Alive


Is it possible to only exist,
In a heart’s protected dream,
A place where heart and soul,
Are controlled by the mind’s screams,
Do dreams become our illusions,
That we hold so very tight,
But nothing seems to make up for,
This lonely bed at night.
Dreams assault the senses,
Are they born inside the heart,
Are they the stuff that holds us together,
Or what tears the mind apart,
The heart reaches for tomorrow,
With our feet walking yesterday,
While the fulfillment of all our hopes,
Just gives the heart more to say.
Do we cultivate our dreams,
As rumors alter the truth,
Is the heart somehow lost,
In those dreams found in our youth,
Through our lives there are things we learn,
And there are things we hope to find,
Yet the most important possibilities,
Come from the heart not the mind.
Something found along the way,
While holding no expectations,
Living in a nightly dream,
With the heart’s coloration,
Can the dream be enough,
When you’ve held the real thing,
Every night the answer’s yes,
Because the love we found still sings.
To feel alive inside the dream,
Though daily life feels less,
Means the heart reveals it’s need,
As it beat inside the chest,
The dream becomes a sanctuary,
Where love lives and breathes,
And once that love is given birth,
In that love the heart believes.

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