Autumn Leaves


A rainbow of different colors,
Adorns the swaying trees,
As rain intensifies the aura,
As the wind breaks the leaves free,
A myriad of leaves falls to the ground,
With the moisture they stick like glued,
Shade trees now providing no shade,
While each day changes the seasons hue.
As I watch the leaves carpet the ground,
And the rain anoints the scene,
Are the leaves the summer’s tears,
Tears shed by the trees,
Swatches of color fly through the air,
To land on soggy ground,
A country lane becomes a road of color,
The leaves resting place is found.
Oranges and reds with burnished gold,
An organic yellow brick road,
A cycle seen every year,
The harvest of seasons sowed,
The flecks of color fill the air,
Dancing within the breeze,
And as the seasons change from warm to cold,
A heart in love believes.
Waves of color spread across the landscape,
With the wind the trees seem to shudder,
And as the night time closes in,
The leaves become dreams never uttered,
With the darkness we’re left to feel,
The leaves fluttering through the air,
Though in the darkness we can not see,
Their movement the heart can hear.
In the darkness of the night,
We can feel a leaves subtle touch,
Remnants of a moment gone,
And a woman missed so much,
In the darkness the leaves become,
The pieces of a dream,
The rain takes on the role of tears,
In a steady flowing stream.
Though the darkness can hide so much,
It changes nothing that we feel,
And among the leaves that flutter down,
Love becomes very real,
As the rain mirrors these tears,
Love is the leaves each year,
And though the seasons change their garb,
The love we always hear.

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