Whisper on the Wind


A sultry voice speaks in a whisper,
Yet the words are so very clear,
Are the phrases heard in the head,
Or is it the heart that hears,
The words are like soothing music,
With it’s tempo this beating heart,
And when our dreams come alive,
Forever has it’s start.
A gentle breeze stars the land,
And it holds a certain feeling,
The heart it seems swells in size,
And all the senses are sent reeling,
Single words hold hopes and dreams,
And the heart pleads with the  soul,
Does the mind hear what it wants to hear,
Are the echoes from some black hole.
Can a broken heart be mended,
Or is it really broken at all,
If love survives inside some where,
Does love through the darkness call,
Do hearts control the volume,
As the voice carries over miles,
Ears remember love’s pure voice,
And it emanates from her smile.
Memories carry the past forward,
Does the heart somehow ride along,
And with the time that passes,
Why isn’t that voice gone,
The heart holds love in it’s grasp,
And the soul keeps it alive,
And in the darkness every night,
That whisper always arrives.
Is that voice a single person,
Or a single set of eyes,
Love lives in the darkness,
And it’s voice holds no disguise,
Inside love swells and grows,
Three words a living reality,
Each night a voice whispers in my ear,
And those words defy our mortality.
Happiness is somehow kept alive,
With words heard by the heart,
Heart and soul exert the effort,
To bridge the time apart.
Through the darkness every night,
Three words let hope shine through,
And every night the voice whispers,
The three words, I love you.!!!

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