to Marcy Howard

As, you hold onto, those dreams and thoughts, held dear,
Is, running away, your, life long, career,
How, could you believe, in me, if, you never, gave me the chance,
To show you, that I accept, your, every circumstance.
Forever, may be a long time, but in today, is where we live,
Doesn’t love, transcend all, doesn’t, it forgive,
You want, a reason, to forget, while, all the while, we know,
Somethings, that are memorable, will, forever show.
Everything, I said, was real, you just wanted, an excuse,
To continue, on your merry way, and hide, your self abuse,
There, is something you forgot, somewhere, along the way,
Wrapped, in those, awful things, that, torment, every day.
You are, a special woman, yet you feel, something less,
How, can you condemn, this man, when you never, gave the test,
Hopefully, one day, you’ll see, and maybe, even believe,
That though, a mistake, was made, it’s no effort, to deceive.
Since we met, there was love, it sprouted, from this earth,
When, we gave ourselves to each, it started, our rebirth,
Go through life, with the thought, there’s no reason, we should grieve,
You only, try, to push me away, because, you still believe,



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