Black and Blue

To Marcy Howard

A darkness creeps into the mind,
As the heart provides it fuel,
And as the bruises are hidden deep,
The scars make love a tool,
Black becomes the pasts true color,
For the past controls our fears,
And when at night we scream out loud,
Those bruises no one hears.
We hide out pain so no one sees,
Yet with hiding, the scars made worse,
Our heart becomes a useless thing,
Pain becomes a matter of course,
Love transcends all the bruises,
And with our hearts can live,
It never matters that the night is black,
If its love we give.
Torn and battered by the past,
Inside the heart still beats,
And as this heart beats for love,
The blackness it defeats,
We often view the past as comfort,
Something new contains the unknown,
But through the bruises and the dark,
What we found, has only grown.
Do not allow yourself to think,
That what you feel is ever wrong,
For even in the blackest night,
If you listen, you’ll hear love’s song,
We’ve all been battered, scarred and bruised,
But its light I found with you,
And if you whisper my name at night,
Through the blackness, love shines through.
      Only you.



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