Closed Eye Angel

for marcy howard

I close my eyes, and see your face, and hear my angel’s voice,
Hair, jet black, and silky smooth, with eyes, that leave no choice,
My mind, helps me, hold her tight, though, she isn’t here,
Thinking of, the subtle fragrance, of her long, soft hair.
Eyes that seem, to smoulder hot, a smile that, melts ice,
Paradise lost, now is found, no more, rolling of the dice,
This angel, has, a name and face, with soft, silky thighs,
And I, can have her, every time, I close my eyes.
Just the thought, of her voice, whispering, in my ear,
Those long, sought for words, I love you, my dear,
The thought, makes my smile grow, and I think of, a recent night,
When she gave herself, to me, beneath the bedroom’s light.
She’, not a dream, or fantasy, my angel, is very real,
And as we’re pressed, skin to skin, her breath, is what I feel,
My smile, only widens, as I seem to look ahead,
Thinking of the magic, that happened, in our bed,
I thought, angels, didn’t exist, a fantasy, from the mind,
So, imagine, my surprise, when an angels, what I find,
Beauty, grace and sincerity, wrapped in those things above,
Make me see and understand, this angel’s who I love,



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