Broken Yet Beating


It’s said at times we can suffer,
With the pain of a broken heart,
Though the heart keeps beating,
It searches for it’s other part,
It’s obvious it’s just a saying,
With the pain of loss it still beats on,
Yet separated from it’s soul mate,
What is it that’s truly gone.
We can know the heart still beats,
Yet each beat can magnify our pain,
Struggling with the load it bears,
But alive with the hope it retains,
The mind may tell us something’s gone,
While the heart sees that that’s a lie,
As our belief in that emotion,
Proves that some things do not die.
At times the emotion is so profound,
It lives in all you think and feel,
Kept alive by hopes and dreams,
A remembered kiss how it was sealed,
Through every moment of every day,
It seems that love is kept alive,
And every morning in the mirror,
From that love we can not hide.
We’re taught to believe in what we see,
Yet we learn there’s so much more,
Attempting to understand things unseen,
That we know live in our core,
There are those times that we believe,
The grass is greener on the other side,
Yet that logic only shows us,
From love we can not hide.
This broken heart is just the longing,
For something it knows to be good,
Sometimes nothing else will do,
Though we think at times it could,
The heart at times holds one person,
As more important than life itself,
And the broken heart is left waiting,
For the love that came without stealth.
In truth the heart is not broken,
Within it’s pain it still beats,
As it holds on to the love it found,
To provide an inner heat,
Sometimes love dies with a person,
Yet new love still is found,
The broken heart keeps beating,
And love lives in it’s rhythmic sound.

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