Inside A Dream

to Marcy Howard

If a dream, is all you have, you should feel, elated,
Dreams, bring hope, and often times, are debated,
As you, close your eyes, you’re transported, to another place,
Holding on, to those things, that events, can not erase.
In my dreams, I’m happy still, the memories, are alive,
One love, has left this world, will, the other arrive,
Or will, this torment, never end, it’s embedded, with your fear,
As reality, screams, to you, loneliness, your career.
All, the, unpleasant things, are, the flip side, to the coin,
And if, you give up hope, to what things, are you joined,
You, must see, the positive, think of, those things, you found,
For if, you give up, on those dreams, silence, is your sound.
Though, you embrace, the things, now going on,
What happens, to your dreams, if you pretend, that love, is gone,
Inside your dreams, you can do, all those things, you want,
As reality, slaps, your face, with those memories, that taunt.
Inside, a dream, I hold, you still, and I have, the things I need,
As you pretend, it never was, words, were not believed,
Only you, can gain, resolve, by accepting, what you feel,
That’s, the only, way to make, your dreams, something real.



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