Cabin Dreams

for Marcy Howard

A dream, inside a cabin, a woman, in my head,
Fantasy, is now real, the memory, is not dead,
Coffee, on the front porch, a sign, above the door,
Love, in the cabin, I couldn’t want her more.
Nights, in a hot tub, while, it poured down rain,
Now, tears are the water, that change, insanity, to sane,
Laughter, on the front lawn, shrill screams in the air,
But now, when I roll over, my baby’s just not, there.
Tail-lights, mark her departure, smiles, mark her return,
Thinking, of those smouldering eyes, longing, is what I earn,
A puppy, as a child, while Sevenfold, loudly plays,
Now, the green of summer, is lost, in autumn’s haze.
Walks together, hand in hand, talking, of our dreams,
Learning, of each other’s heart, love’s final scene,
Together, we did these things, together, you and me,
Together, souls as one, throughout eternity.



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