To Marcy Howard

The fingers of the wind;caress your long dark hair
And within the gentle breeze;is me whispering in your ear,
The breeze carries smells and sounds; memories of the past,
And as time marches on;still this nightmare lasts.
The ferlvof that whispering wind;is me touching your skin,
Caressing with a gentle touch;remembering where we’ve been,
And when the wind holds you close;listen closely for the sound,
Of my voice calling out to you;with the wind I am around.
Every moment of the day; even when memories are unkind,
Remember I am beside you there;regardless what you find,
And when the rain is pouring down;in the midst of the storm,
A breeze will whisper to your soul;and I will keep you warm.
The whisper comes with the wind; and if you listen hard you’ll hear,
My voice calling out to you;or whispering in your ear,
Let the breeze make you smile;let this love whisper through,
That no matter what life brings;I’m always whispering to you.
            No escape.



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