Your Other Hand

to marcy howard

In this age, of technology, we forget things, from the past,
We overlook, our own logic, and the things, structured, to last,
Yet, our very own government, pretends, to really care,
They take, more and more money, as benefits, shrink to where.
Millionaires, make the laws, while, their money, can dilute,
They pay little, in taxes, and who, can really dispute,
For years, the worker, has been disdained, and it started, long ago,
And, no matter, where you look, they’d rather, you don’t know.
Talk of change, is everywhere, but where, will it occur,
Is there, a master plan, to which, we could refer,
It’s not about, political parties, or even, black and white,
It’s about being, truthful, it’s about, what is right.
Taxpayers money, given away, to crooks,
Right, in your face, as everybody looks,
Change, isn’t, sleight of hand, and not about one man,
It’s about, helping all, not just, your other hand.



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