Clear and Bright


A face looks back in the mirror,
And it’s hard to see it’s pain,
As a song plays in the background,
The mind lost in it’s refrain,
With a thought it disappears,
It’s transported back in time,
A smile forms in the wrinkles,
And I believe the smile’s mine.
Eyes of blue are clear and bright,
Yet there’s something seen within,
A hint of pain or pleasure,
Where does one end and the other begin,
As thoughts turn to long held love,
A sparkle comes to those eyes,
With a heart belonging to another,
Is happiness somehow disguised.
The weather outside is clear and bright,
And inside a heart is torn,
Holding on to that moment,
When it sees how love was born,
Though the heart beats strong and steady,
Is it clouds that fill the eyes,
Do tears become that love denied,
A cloud against that clear blue sky.
Or does that place that’s clear and bright,
Exist only somewhere deep,
Maybe in the dreams we have,
In those moments we’re fast asleep,
Sunlight somewhere high above,
Provides a cloud shaped shadow,
That permeates the sun’s pure light,
A heart shadowed to it’s marrow.
That image we see in the mirror,
At times though clear and bright,
Has those moments when clouds are seen,
Times when darkness takes all light,
We reach forward to better times,
When clarity brought a smile,
And no matter how much the mind protests,
A heart seeks no denial.
Eyes of blue though clear and bright,
Hide any hint of pain,
And at any given moment,
Those eyes are capable of rain,
Love becomes the clear weather,
That propels us through the night,
And with the thought of that love inside,
The heart is clear and bright.

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