Worth The Fight

to Marcy Howard

I will not, go gentle, into the night, I will not, give up on love,
No matter, what the world, might say, or the lonesome dove,
We both, acknowledged, it was real, deep down, we know, it’s true,
Love resides, in both our hearts, no matter, what we do.
You can live, in denial, because you panicked and you ran,
But even that, can not change, what you saw, in this man,
The here and now, makes us think, of the love, we share,
And no matter, how you protest, we both know, we care,
Sometimes, you never know, what you have, til it’s gone,
But our lives, are wrapped together, playing, in our song,
Notes ring out, through the air, as we think, of what we feel,
In our hearts, we both know, what we found, is real.
All our efforts, concentrate, worrying, about the cost
And though, we’re not together, nothing here, is lost,
I hold you, in my memories, and I know, that you hold me,
And this fight, is never over, until this love, is free’
         I love you, and need you.Forever and a day.



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