Cold Fire

to Marcy Howard

Moonlight, filters, through, the barren trees,
Across, the snow filled fields, amid the forest’s knees,
There walks, a beautiful woman, she’s on her way, to me,
Through the many, twists and turns, and life’s reality,
Her face, holds, a look of pain, it’s been, so very long,
Since we held, each other tight, whether, right or wrong,
The snow, chills the air, as, the cold wind blows,
Underneath, the trees, where a forest of ferns, grows,
The thought, that drives her on, keeps a smile, on her face,
She’s coming back, to these, open arms, waiting, for her embrace,
The answers, are in the touch, that opened, two broken hearts,
In thought and mind, she’s always here, we’re one, but have two parts.
Though the temperature, is frigid, both are warmed, from inside,
Long repressed feelings, will no longer, be denied,
The warmth, that comes, from their hearts, warms both, their souls,
As they journey, to each other, two parts, become the whole,
Through the frozen landscape, a sense, quickens their pace,
Soon, they’ll be together, in this frozen place.
In the vastness, of the forest, their union, bitter-sweet,
Open arms, to hold each other, the past, finally defeat,
The forest, is the world around us, people are the trees,
But, the one thing constant, that both of us, can see,
Love, is the driving force, that, began this trip,
And through, the frozen landscape, it holds us both, in it’s grip.



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