Light In The Dark

To Marcy Howard

There emerges  from the dark, a figure clad in red,
Is she a ghost from the heart, or an image from the head,
Though the darkness holds its shadows, her face is alarmingly clear,
And it seems she’s never far away, it seems my pain she hears.
Her vision always comforts me, yet she only comes at night,
Whenever I might close my eyes, she becomes the light,
She feels all the things I feel, the mirror of this lost soul,
As there’s comfort in her presence, she’s the piece with which I’m whole.
At times I wonder is she just a dream, is her vision just a thought,
Which in the darkness comes alive, being just a dream I’ve caught,
Yet I can see dark smoldering eyes, and I know that she is real,
And every night when she comes to me, I feel what she feels.
Though darkness is the only time, when I can feel her touch,
When she holds me close to her, its our hearts that need so much,
For once I held her in my arms, this heart was finally free,
And though she’s gone in the daylight hours, at night its her and me!
        Only you!



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